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Adventure Schools are a “A” rated State of Arizona Charter School sponsored by the Arizona State Board of Charter Schools.

Our Mission: Adventure Schools maintains and nurtures an educational environment where all stakeholders (students, families and staff) recognize and build on their strengths.

Philosophy: Our program and facilities adhere to the highest quality standards for education and environment as governed by the regulations and principles of all applicable local, state and federal agencies. We feel that every child is special and unique. With a low student/teacher ratio, our program provides “hands-on”, center-based daily activities, which give each child the opportunity to grow and succeed.

Our intention is that each of our students be prepared to attend college. To this end, our singular goal is to have each student proficient or exceeding in reading, writing and mathematics. We hold our students, our parents and our staff to high expectations and accept no excuses for failure. Positive and Active participation in learning activities is critical to creating and maintaining a safe and effective learning environment for your child, as well as their classmates. Students must participate and follow the teacher’s instruction in an effort to ensure maximum learning for all students involved. Students are expected to comply with all teacher directions and requests regarding participation in learning activities. Refusing or defiant behavior reduces valuable learning time for all students.


Educational Impact, Inc. / Adventure Schools Tucson has an open-door policy. Adults, including parents of enrolled pupils and parents who wish to enroll their child(ren) at Adventure Schools, may visit, tour, and/or observe campus and/or classroom(s) during business hours without the need to schedule an appointment. The only exception to this policy is during formal, all-school testing times such as standardized testing. Click here for the full policy.

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Parental Rights Handbook – Charter Schools

Elementary School Campus – 520-296-0656
5757 E. Pima Street
Tucson, AZ 85712
Middle School Campus – 520-407-1200
6074 E. Pima Street
Tucson, AZ 85712
Average Teacher Salary
FY 24: $42,500 -> FY 25: $44,500
That’s a 4.7% or $2,000.00 increase year over year.
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